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Francis Fernando is an engineer that evolved in to an entrepreneur, keynote speaker and business trainer that helps individuals transition from having a conceptual business to having an actual business with products and services and paying clients. His business growth strategy and mantra has always been to establish Trust first, then Lead while Performing at Peak and envelope all that with Virality.

Francis founded Manasa Growth, a business training firm that is geared towards entrepreneurs looking to get their businesses off the ground and quickly generating revenue to be self-sustaining. He serves as a mentor to several early-stage business incubators and is a passionate communicator.

He is the Founder and past President of Total Solutions Property Management, a start-up firm that grew under Francis’s leadership to a well-respected business that now manages 500 residential units and represents prestigious clients such as Wells Fargo, US Bank, California National Bank and other national and international investors and investment entities. Francis is the author of a US Trademarked book titled Job + Real Estate = Wealth® that serves as a guide to investing in real estate while maintaining a career in order to attain wealth. He has also authored several e-Books and created numerous workshops and training programs to help entrepreneurs become more confident in their marketspace.

Francis was an Engineer at Verizon Communications and is a graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Engineering.

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